Special occasions

Georgian cuisine restaurant in Arkhanglesk

Our dear guests!

We are sincerely glad and pleased to open wide not only our restaurant door, but soul as well!

You are welcome to visit us and celebrate birthdays, family events, weddings, professional, international, Christian holidays and those commemorated in Georgia. You can meet in our restaurant for successful business negotiations.

• We will make every event, important for you, unforgettable, be it a peaceful dining experience or a fabulous bright party.

• Every evening the dinner of our guests is complemented by diverse music program. Romantic saxophone, old duduk, tender piano, delicate flute, reverential violin, velvet voices of the best singers in the region… Our Georgian house is often attended by invited significant performers from this country and abroad.

• Our waiters love Georgia and dancing so much, that sometimes they cannot help dancing for our dear guests. Such meetings turn into a real show where guests are major spectators and participants from time to time.

• Our restaurant is the only place to provide sabrage for you – opening a bottle of champagne with a saber or dagger. This beautiful fascinating ritual will impress both real jigits and their beloved ladies.

• Upon request we can arrange a photo shoot with the Georgian attributes, kids entertainment, invite an entertainment host or DJ for your special event and provide décor services.

 For additional information and inquiries call +7 8182 444 813.

Antique Room

Size: 88 square meters

Guest capacity:

Banquet – 60

A la Carte – 45 

One of the walls has a dimensional bas-relief, for example, a famous monument in the capital of Georgia – Mother Georgia. Another wall features a sycamore, a mighty tree with a spreading crown, which symbolizes valor and longevity.

It is in this room that every evening our guests enjoy diverse live music, full of warmth and luxury, with authentic color.

It is always warm and cozy in Genacvale Restaurant.


Size: 68.3 square meters

Guest capacity:

Banquet – 35

A la Carte – 35 

The Bar is a cozy authentic room in terracotta tones with comfortable velour sofas and a massive bar counter from natural oak. All carved elements were tailor made.

One of the walls is decorated with a vine, which grapes are corks from real Georgian wine, consumed by our dear guests. It is not the last bunch of grapes, every year the vine will grow.

Our Bar has the only wine cellar in the Arkhangelsk Region where about 100 wines are held and get more noble each day. Specially for you an expert sommelier will guide you in it and describe the most exclusive wines.

Fireplace Room

Size: 39.3 square meters

Guest capacity:

Banquet – 25

A la Carte  –  22 персоны

The Fireplace Room is small and very cozy. It proudly features the marble fireplace. The combination of beige and grey in the interior creates peacefulness and coziness, sets you up for warm family evenings.

The Fireplace Room is perfectly suitable for small special events, due to its own separate entrance, lavatory and wardrobe.

The Room has a cigar room for important negotiations.

Cigar Room

Size: 6.5 square meters

Guest capacity: 5

The Cigar Room has a burgundy interior. It is a chill-out men’s drawing room for VIP persons. Subdued lighting, slow talk and affordable prices will help to relax and take a break from hectic active life.

VIP Room

Size: 11.2 square meters

Guest capacity: 8

The brick turquoise and emerald tones will impress you. Why brick? We are in a building listed as architectural heritage, therefore, we strive to highlight the wall age and authenticity. The walls were laid out in the early 20th century.

On the walls there are photos of Pablo Ferrari, an Argentinian artist. He came to Georgia for three days to make photos of ordinary districts, houses and nature. He fell in love with this country so much that he lives there now, in Tbilisi.