About the restaurant

Georgian cuisine restaurant in Arkhanglesk

Whatever you look for, you will find it in Georgia!

Genacvale Restaurant is part of its big heart!

In our restaurant you will find wonderful Georgian wine and other national drinks, traditional Georgian dishes as well as authentic Georgian cordiality based on meeting the current requirements.

Open our restaurant door wide and enter a real hospitable Georgian house:

•        The choice of products is a matter of principle to us, we strictly control their quality. The taste of our dishes is in line with traditional recipes of the Georgian cuisine and plunges you into the atmosphere of this sunny country.

•        We have one of the most extensive wine lists in the region. All products from our bar are made with natural ingredients. Only here you will find ethnic and 100 percents house special cocktail list.

•        Our menu is our pride. Its pages feature the best Georgian views specially painted in watercolor by a member of the Russian artists union.

•        In all restaurant rooms we show old Georgian films on TVs, landscapes, dances and national dishes. Every evening our guests are entertained by a musical program of the best Arkhangelsk Region performers.

Genacvale – you are welcome, friend!